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  Korea Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan (A Member of the Hong Kong Taekwondo Association) is one of the oldest Taekwondo school in Hong Kong, established in 1989 by our Grand Master Woo Jong Pill, a Korean graduate from Yong In University majoring in Taekwondo. ? He came to Hong Kong from Korea at 1988 and started building Cheung Do Kwan from then on, he started teaching at various clubhouses such as Aberdeen Marina Club, Repulse Bay Club, The American Club as well as the University of Hong Kong. ?During his teaching he has also led the Hong Kong National Sparring team and won various awards and medals. ?He then started opening schools throughout the city but had to overcome many challenges, he had to move his school from one place to another many times due to the rising rent cost?but the name Cheung Do Kwan was still known to be the best Taekwondo school in Hong Kong.

  More about our school, our school focuses on teaching students Korean Taekwondo culture such as manner and self-discipline over the physical training aspects of Taekwondo. ?Our school possesses the best Korean Instructors from Korea who are fully certified from Kukkiwon, which is the World Taekwondo Headquarters located in Korea.

  All instructors are fully qualified to teach and are all 4th Dan black belts and above. ?Students in our school range from 3 years old to 50 years old and we focus on the World Taekwondo Federation style (Olympic Style) in our teaching.

  Our grand master Woo has more than 30 years of teaching experience in Hong Kong is also the Head Coach for the National Hong Kong Poomsae Team, he has many connections throughout the world. ?We also join many local and overseas competitions to improve and motivate our students. We hope that Cheung Do Kwan will grow bigger while maintaining its core values each year!


  我們的大師傅禹鍾弼於1989年成立韓國跆拳道青道館,是香港其中一間歷史最悠久的跆拳道學校,禹館長畢業於孕育無數的世界冠軍及奧運冠軍的韓國龍仁大學,主修跆拳道。1988年,他由韓國越洋來港,一手一腳建立了青道館,並開始在不同的會所教授,例如美國會,深灣遊艇會, 淺水灣會所,甚至香港大學。在他的教學生涯,亦帶領香港國家隊sparring team贏得不同的獎項及榮譽。之後,他開始在香港各處開立跆拳道學校,同時亦面對租金上漲的挑戰,雖多次搬遷校舍,但仍然無損青道館在港頂尖拳道館的聲譽。


  我們所有教練都合資格任教,並且都是黑帶四段或以上。 我們學生從三歲到五十歲不等,是以教授世界跆拳道聯盟風格(即奧林匹克風格)為主。

  我們的館長傅禹鍾弼在香港擁有30多年的教學經驗,同時也是國家香港品勢團隊的主教練,他在世界各地擁有許多聯繫。 我們亦參加許多本地和海外的比賽,以提升技巧和鼓勵我們的學生追求卓越。 我們希望每年能保持我們核心價值的同時,並規模愈做愈大!